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Who We Are

The Information Age is reshaping California - and telecommunications is a critical element of our state's economic future. That's why Pacific Bell's status as the state's communications leader is a vital part of continuing California's economic growth.

Today, Pacific Bell's state-of-the-art network and advanced infrastructure provides California businesses and communities new technologies, services, innovations and choices. In an open and competitive marketplace, Pacific Bell and the Communications Workers of America are working to meet the demands of all consumers - from residential customers who want affordable, basic telephone service to high-tech businesses that need advanced broadband and communication services.

With the partnership of labor and consumers, Pacific Bell is forming the Project Connect California so that the state's leaders in business, government and local communities understand the dynamic telecommunications industry.

Our Mission:

Project Connect California is dedicated to educating community, business, civic and elected leaders about the importance of telecommunications and the role Pacific Bell plays in service all customers and providing advanced infrastructure throughout the state.

The Project seeks to enact sound regulatory and public policy within the telecommunications industry that advances:

  • competition
  • consumer choice and savings
  • privacy protection
  • universal service and access
  • development of new services and technology

By informing fellow Californians about developments and current issues within the state, Project Connect California will help develop public support to make California a national trendsetter.

Contact Us:

Email: Project Connect California


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