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More Americans Wired to the Internet

According to a recent study, an increasingly diverse and growing group of Americans have access to the Internet.

The report, released in February by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, stated that 101 million American adults have access to the Internet. Additionally, around three-quarters of U.S. children now have access either at school or in the home.

The Pew study also revealed that the gap in the Digital Divide still persists though is narrowing in all areas. Among Americans with income levels below $30,000 only 38% have Internet access, compared to 82% of households earning more than $75,000. The good news though is that people who make less are coming online more rapidly than higher income groups.

Women now exceed the number of men on the World Wide Web, closing the gender gap according to the Pew study. The report shows women pulling slightly ahead of men with 50.6% of American adults with Internet access being women and 49.4% men.

For senior citizens 65 and older the "gray gap" still persists. Of this age group only 15% report having access. Middle-aged Americans in the 50-64 age group though have experienced enormous growth according to the study.

The survey also found more people logging on daily with 56% reporting logging on a given day. There were exceptional increases in women and minorities, particularly African Americans in this area.

Californians, being able to retrieve information instantly or buy groceries
on-line, understand the impact that the Internet has on our daily lives.
And here in California, Pacific Bell has been proud of its role in helping
foster Californians Internet appetite by advocating responsible regulatory
policies that promote flat-rate pricing for unlimited web surfing allowing
everyone to have affordable web access.

For more information on this report please see the Pew Internet and American Life Project's website, www.pewinternet.org.

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