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Competition in California: Then and Now

More than 30 months ago, Pacific Bell filed its long distance application with the California Public Utilities Commission. The company has worked closely with the PUC, other telecommunication companies, and third party auditors to open the local market, upgrade the company's network and systems, and reduce the price of network elements.

The result of this painstaking work: California's telecommunication market is more open and competitive than any state in the nation. Pacific Bell's application was recently strengthened by an independent test that labeled the company's wholesale service systems and processes "robust and reliable."

The California Public Utilities Commission has set a date - May 24, 2001 - to make a final decision on Pacific Bell's application to offer long-distance service.

Pacific Bell's competitors in the state have open access to Pacific Bell's network, and since the company's long distance application in March 1998, the state's telecommunications market has grown remarkably more competitive.

It's now time to allow Pacific Bell to enter the long distance business so that California consumers can enjoy the benefits of savings, more choices, better service, and bundled service packages.

Growth of California's Telecom Industry 3/31/98 12/2000
Companies approved to provide service 132 309
Interconnection agreements signed with competitors 29 251
Competitors passing orders 26 84
Total orders processed (1998/2000) 560,263 949,513
Unbundled Loops 38,891 382,358
Collocation Cages (year end 1998/2000) 219 3,561
Interconnection Trunks 128,386 1,064.262
Numbers ported to competitors 19,339 551,330
Total lines served by competitors 577,937 3.2 million
White Page Directory Listings 195,99 536,027
Telephone Numbers provided to competitors 10 million 42+ million


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