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Opening California's Long Distance Market

Following almost three years of filings, workshops, and extensive testing, the California Public Utilities Commission has set a date - May 24, 2001 - to make a final decision on Pacific Bell's application to offer
long-distance service...

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Is your business involved in
e-commerce? Do you want California to maintain its leadership in the Information Economy? Do you use the Internet in your office or home?

Want to ensure basic phone service remains affordable and available to all Californians? Interested in bridging the digital divide in communities across the state? Do you want more competition and choice for telecommunication services?

If you answered yes to these questions, you will want to learn more about Project Connect California.

The Project Connect California is dedicated to educating community, business, civic, and elected leaders about the importance of telecommunications and the role Pacific Bell and the Communications Workers of America play in serving all customers and providing advanced infrastructure throughout the state.

The Project is also dedicated to:

  • Enacting sound regulatory and public policy that opens all markets and allows Pacific Bell to fairly compete on the same terms as competitors. By doing so, the following will be promoted: consumer choice and savings, competition, customer benefits and protections, and new services and technology.

  • Developing the broad public support necessary to make California a national trendsetter - promoting policies that allow Pacific Bell to effectively compete in the marketplace while protecting the needs and interests of consumers.

We believe the power of telecommunications - together with education - can improve the economy and the quality of life in our state.

From this site, you can learn more about the telecommunication issues that concern fellow Californians, plus what you can do to affect them.


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